Applying to Law School Can Be Daunting

There are so many factors to be evaluated in making a successful law school application and fulfilling law school experience that sets you up to be the lawyer you want to be.  Which schools should you apply to?  What should your personal statement say?  Should you do the optional essays?  Should you apply early?  JD2Be LLC is an independent law school admissions consulting group and is here to help you analyze all of those questions and more.  From initial application strategy to final law school choice, we are here to make sure you weigh all the factors so you end up in the best place for you to be a JD-to-be.

"Pam is the quintessential coach for the law school application process. She navigated me through the arduous trek of writing a personal statement for the first time and provided encouragement, great advice and feedback about my application throughout the process." 

- Tiffany S.

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